Houghton – what a hoot it was

Two weeks ago, I made the 9-hour journey from Edinburgh to Norfolk to endure 4 days of techno woodland rave with almost everyone I had ever met from a red brick university / English public school. Despite some lucky twits securing £80 tickets off Twitter, in a drunken mid-week dinner I had purchased the full... Continue Reading →

Facebook marketplace – is it legit?

As Facebook continues to seep into every single action and process in my daily life, it only made logical sense to start shopping there when I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro. I think this was a 50% subconscious decision as the newly designed marketplace icon is now appearing slam dunk in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Why is sonar worth 5 visits?

June 15th year in year out marks an annual essential occasion that may as well be ingrained in the Apple iCalendar as it is as important as Christmas Day – Sonar festival. The backdrop of Barcelona with its surrounding beaches and mountains, combined with 1 euro street beers, and semi-illegal non air-conditioned Air BnB’s puts... Continue Reading →

SO you wanna HTML up in my CSS?

If you like me have realized that the future is not wearing a suit in a skyscraper, it is in fact wearing dungarees behind a computer, you’ll have clocked that JavaScript is looking a little bit sexier with every year that passes. This December in an attempt to live out my life-long dream of working... Continue Reading →

Faux Pas of 2017 social media

When you realise you want to message a friend in 2017, you really need to think how am I going to do this. Do you slide on into their DM’s on Instagram?? Do you Giff them on Facebook? Do you send a picture of your face looking like a thumb on Snapchat with a caption?... Continue Reading →

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