Facebook marketplace – is it legit?

As Facebook continues to seep into every single action and process in my daily life, it only made logical sense to start shopping there when I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro. I think this was a 50% subconscious decision as the newly designed marketplace icon is now appearing slam dunk in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Why is sonar worth 5 visits?

June 15th year in year out marks an annual essential occasion that may as well be ingrained in the Apple iCalendar as it is as important as Christmas Day – Sonar festival. The backdrop of Barcelona with its surrounding beaches and mountains, combined with 1 euro street beers, and semi-illegal non air-conditioned Air BnB’s puts... Continue Reading →

SO you wanna HTML up in my CSS?

If you like me have realized that the future is not wearing a suit in a skyscraper, it is in fact wearing dungarees behind a computer, you’ll have clocked that JavaScript is looking a little bit sexier with every year that passes. This December in an attempt to live out my life-long dream of working... Continue Reading →

Faux Pas of 2017 social media

When you realise you want to message a friend in 2017, you really need to think how am I going to do this. Do you slide on into their DM’s on Instagram?? Do you Giff them on Facebook? Do you send a picture of your face looking like a thumb on Snapchat with a caption?... Continue Reading →

Grad Schemes: the best idea or the worst idea?

Cast your minds back to final year of University, where we sat in huddles co-calculating the practice Aptitude tests, pulling our hair out over which Psychometric personality we should pretend to be to fit into Goldman’s ethos. It was a time of little sleep, elaborated summer “internships” at our parents firms, and mysterious “extra curriculum”... Continue Reading →

Parle vous emoji? Vietnam in smilies.

Emojis are now a global language and shared culture, understood and used by all of Generation D (Gen D spans all age groups who are deeply digital). Whilst in Vietnam this December, my  stories,  statuses and   posts were written in Emoji language, so it is only consistent to Emojicate when blogging on this 2 week trip.... Continue Reading →

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